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July 26, 2020 - Esha Garg 

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Technical Marketer's Monthly Meeting: Social Studio

Speakers: Guilda Hilaire, Leigh Price and Nick Clark

What is Social Studio?

Publish, Engage, Analyze and Automate Your Social Marketing
A single application for social marketing that connects to your existing Salesforce setup, whatever you're using- Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Marketing Cloud. Built-in Salesforce Customer Connector helps you see your customer, not just their social history. Backed by governance, audit trails, compliance, and trust to protect consumers and brands. Drive company-wide adoption and success with a complete suite that's easy to learn and use.

>> Meet Social Studio!

>> Trailhead
>> Social Studio Basics


1. Publish

In the Publish component of Social Studio, you can create, publish, and promote content to any number of social accounts. You can publish across multiple social networks either in real-time or in the future. View all published and scheduled content through Publish’s built-in calendar.

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2. Engage

Engage uses tabs, which can contain one or more columns. A column can have one or more social accounts or one or more topic profiles. The social accounts and topic profiles can exist in multiple columns or can be contained within the same tab. Specific filtering criteria for multiple social accounts can have their own columns within their own tabs. The tabs can have the same accounts but with different filtering options.

3. Analyze

With Analyze in Marketing Cloud Social Studio, you can monitor the discussions of owned social accounts and broader conversations. Understand what is being said, the overall tone of social discussions, and how topics and trends are performing. Dashboards summarize the engagement of posts in social accounts and information gathered from topic profiles.

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Activating the Social Studio API

  1. Log in to Social Studio as a Super User

  2. User icon > Admin > Organization Settings

  3. Select Developers can Create API Applications

  4. Register your application in Admin > API Applications

  5. More details in the API documentation

Common Social Studio API Use Cases

Add social data to BI tools
Integrate social data into external dashboards
Add a social sentiment or social share of voice to your intranet or other business applications
Integrate user management into centralized IT user management
Extend the capability of Social Studio Automate


Top 3 Questions from Technical Marketers

1. How do I connect social personas to customer records?

2. How do I send social personas on a Marketing Cloud journey?

3. What social network features can I leverage within Social Studio?

Does this Technical Marketer's Monthly Meeting: Social Studio sound interesting to you? Grab all of it through recordings here and view the presentation here.

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