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July 9, 2020 - Esha Garg 

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Technical Marketer's Monthly Meeting: Journey Builder Path Optimizer

Speakers: Bill Jennings and Rob Everestts

What is Journey Builder?

Journey Builder is powerful and effective, it’s not a standalone product. Journey Builder uses the content and audiences you created in Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Content Builder, and Contact Builder within Marketing Cloud in order to do its work. 

>> Meet Journey Builder!

>> Trailhead
>> Journey Builder Basics

What is Path Optimizer?

Path Optimizer goes beyond A/B testing (which uses two variables)—giving you the ability to test up to 10 paths in Journey Builder. What’s a path? It’s simply one sequence of events on a journey.


1. Experimentation

Always. Be. Testing. Wondering how to build and support a culture of curiosity? It's as simple as asking how can could customers have a better experience with your brand. What could be the best possible thing out there? We should always Test It and then only Trust It. It's not important that all experiments yield expected results. The more experiments run, the lower the risk would be there.


Data = Trust | Intuition is good, but data tells the story. What are the capabilities of it exactly? We can monitor the data about your test while it is running with the information from Test Summary. We can review post-test data to ensure performance still matches expectations and trust your results. Also, let your findings inform your net test as well.

Anatomy of a Test | What can Path Optimizer do in Journey Builder? Configuration and Data. Let's say, Winner Type is Email Engagement vs Manual and the engagement period is wait before calculating winner also split is 2-10 paths with % random distribution with a holdback of save X% of contacts to wait for the winner. And, in the Data, we have email engagement based on the same logs as engagement split which calculates % of clicks or opens OR lowest % of unsubscribes


2. Picking a Winner

Email Engagement Winner Selection | A/B/n Testing for Email
It concludes three parts: Firstly, Engagement Metric- where we can track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. Secondly, Engagement Period- where the amount of time to wait to pick the winner after a contact completes the longest path within hours/days with the maximum span of 99 Days. Third, Automatic Path Selection- where the path with highest percent clicks or opens or lowest percent of unsubscribes wins.

Manual Winner Selection | Unlock the power of external data
It is possible to choose a winner manually at any time. With the help of Omni-Channel- we can compare engagement across channels. With Custom Activities- we can integrate with external systems- inbound and outbound, whereas, with Manual Path Selection- it is possible to choose the winning path at any time.

3. Complex Use Cases


Calculate Winner in Tableau

You have a complex algorithm for selecting your winner that involves conversions over a certain dollar amount, all of which is calculated and store outside of the Marketing Cloud.
You can use a Custom Activity to send relevant data about the contacts on each path in your test to Tableau. From there you track conversion and order totals from your E-commerce website, which is also synched to Tableau, to calculate the winner once your data set reaches statistical significance.

Calculate Winner in Sales Cloud

You have an existing Lead Conversion report in Sales Cloud you would like to use for selecting your winner in your Policy Renewals journey.
You see Sales and Service Cloud activities to create a new Campaign Member Status record as soon as contact hits a path in the test for tracking purposes.
From there you vary whether the contact gets two emails separated by a wait, or a phone call from an agent to reach out to try to personally encourage that customer to renew their policy, followed by a wait and an email. To trigger that phone call, you a Task activity to hit the queue of your service agent to make an outbound phone call that day.
Now that you know which contacts received which path in Sales Cloud, you can run that Lead Conversion report to find out which path led to more policy renewals and manually select the winner.


Enhancements to Path Optimizer


Considerations for the Roadmap

Expanding Winner Evaluation

  • Additional Channel Engagement

  • Choose winner after Statistical Significance

Control Groups

Winner Based on Data Expression

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